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Poppy Seed Whole

18.40грн 23.00грн
Цена в бонусных баллах: 400 10 или более: 20.70грн 20 или более: 18.40грн 30 или более: 16.10грн
  • Производитель: Silvo
  • Модель: Collectible
  • Бонусные баллы: 100
  • Наличие: 990

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Welcome to the world of the unbelievable smell and perfect taste. From ancient times spices were very rare and expensive. Only very rich people could afford buying spices. Nowadays spices have become a casual part of all the types of cuisine. We can’t imagine our life without pepper or cinnamon.

We are proud to present our unique products. You’ll be amazed because we have the largest choice of tremendous spices. We provide only premium quality goods at a fair price. Our vendors and manufacturers guarantee the quality of our spices. The products of our store are the standard of elegant taste and if you want to express your emotions in cooking you have to buy our products because they are simply unbelievable.

Our spices are real bestsellers and they have a great number of faithful fans all over the country. There is no doubt about our reputation because it’s perfect and our clients’ testimonials can prove this fact. We care about our clients and never let them down. Our assortment can satisfy most whimsical clients.

Enjoy shopping in our store! Need help? You can address our 24/7 on-line support system. There you can find all answers concerning our goods, terms and prices. So don’t waste your time on hesitation and make your purchase in our store. We bring positive emotions and elegant taste into your dishes. Remember that you can get a good benefit in our store.


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